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Buildtime Trend

Visualise what's trending in your build process

What is Buildtime Trend about?

Buildtime Trend is an Open Source application that gathers timing data of a build process, like Travis CI. The collected data is used to create charts to visualise trends of the build process.
These trends can help you gain insight in your build process : which stages take most time? Which stages are stable or have a fluctuating duration? Is there a decrease or increase in average build duration over time?
With these insights you can improve the stability of your build process and make it more efficient.

The generation of timing data is done with either a client or using Buildtime Trend as a Service.
The Python based client generates custom timing tags for any shell based build process and can easily be integrated. A script processes the generated timing tags when the build is finished, and stores the results.
Buildtime Trend as a Service gets timing and build related data by parsing the logfiles of a buildprocess. Currently, Travis CI is supported. Simply trigger the service at the end of a Travis CI build and the parsing, aggregating and storing of the data is done automatically.

The collected build data is used to generate a dashboard with charts powered by the API.

Dashboard example

Buildtime Trend Dashboard v0.3 Click the image for recently generated trends.



Project structure

Buildtime Trend consists of several subprojects :

Buildtime Trend Diagram, generated with

Bugs and feature requests

Please report bugs and add feature requests in the Github issue tracker.

Any other feedback is much appreciated and is welcome on the mailing list or on Twitter.


If you want to contribute to make Buildtime Trend even better, check out the contribution page. We are looking for testers, developers, designers, ... and what more. Contact us if you want to help out.


You can support the project by making a donation. Donations will help pay for the hosting and support further development.


For an overview of who contributed to create Buildtime trend, see Credits.


Mailinglist : Buildtime Trend Community

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